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Thermofoil Cabinet Doors: An Excellent Choice For Your Kitchen Or Bathroom

Thermofoil has emerged as an excellent choice for your bathroom and kitchen cabinet doors. Do you know why? Here are some primary reasons for its increasing popularity.


Thermofoil cabinet doors are available in hundreds of elegant designs such as square, square corners, half circle designs, and arch.


The doors are available in a wide range of solid, high-gloss, metallic, and pattern colors. So, you can get the colors best suiting to your personal aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.


Thermofoil doors can serve you for 10-15 years if protected from damages and heat. The doors are safe from moisture and water-based cleaning unless they are damaged. If the door is damaged then it will lose its resistance to humidity. Thermofoil cabinet doors are vulnerable to heat. So, if you are considering it for your kitchen, then you should ensure that they located in an area not directly exposed to heat.


Cleaning thermoplastic doors is a stress-free task. You can clean the doors easily with a mild soap and water.

However, you need to take care of several points to ensure their longevity.

  • Avoid such cleaning products which comprise harsh chemicals like bleach, tolylene, acetone, or lacquer thinner. It is suggested that you ask the door manufacturer or installer recommended cleaning methods. They will give you the right ideas based on the specifications of the door.


  • You should avoid unnecessary bumps or hits to the door surface with sharp object because it can cause damage. Small scratches or damages can easily be fixed with polish, retouch paints, or wax.


Thermoplastic cabinet doors are a cost-effective solution. Their prices are much lower than other door options.

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