PVC Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Five Kitchen Cabinet Doors For Your Kitchen

Don’t want to buy simple swing doors for your kitchen cabinets? Are you looking for other options? In this blog we have listed five different options to consider.

Here are five excellent cabinet door types:

Flip Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Flip doors are opened by flipping up or down. The movement of these doors are backed by special hydraulic hinges. They are often described as nice and playful.

Folder Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Folder kitchen cabinet doors are doors with two or more horizontal or vertical panels. Folder kitchen cabinet doors with a horizontal bi-fold are opened up by pulling up and folding. Folder kitchen cabinet doors with a vertical bi-fold are opened up to the right or left. These doors are backed with extra hinges enabling them to fold.

Track Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Track Kitchen Cabinet Doors are commonly known as sliding doors. These doors are opened by sliding to the right or left. The doors are slid with rollers which are installed at the top and bottoms of the doors.

Pocket Kitchen Cabinet Doors

A pocket kitchen cabinet door is also a sliding door. The door disappears when you open it fully. The door fits into a compartment made for it. These doors are considered ideal for those kitchens in which there is very small space.


Tambour doors are side or up-and-over closing-opening doors. These doors are considered to be an excellent choice for upper wall cabinets.

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