Pros & Cons of Metal Door Frames

You cannot fix the doors without frames. Additionally, they provide protection to your doors. As many material options are available for doors, various options are available for door frames as well. For example, wood, aluminum, steel, and metal.  Wood and metal are the most popular choices for door frames. In this blog, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of metal door frames.

Let us begin with the pros of metal door frames:


  1. Metal door frames are an environmentally friendly choice.
  2. Using metal for door frames protects the trees from being cutting down.
  3. Metal frames increase the safety of your home because breaking these frames is very much difficult.
  4. Metal frames are strong. Storm and earthquakes cannot break them.
  5. Metal frames can easily be installed.
  6. Metal frames can resist fire.
  7. They can fight insects and termite.
  8. They are safe from twisting effect.
  9. They can be designed in any shape and style.
  10. Metal frames are safe from moisture.


  1. There is a chance of rusting if you ignore their maintenance.
  2. They are heavy.

From the above lists of  pros and cons, one can understand why metal is a popular choice for door frames. If we talk about the cons, they don’t matter much because you can avoid the rust by taking care of their maintenance that will not cost you much. When you look at the weight, we don’t have to lift them daily- they just need to be lifted when being installed.

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