Pros And Cons Of Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Thermofoil kitchen cabinet doors are manufactured of vinyl and MDF (Medium Density Fireboard) or engineer wood. Heated vinyl is molded over MDF or engineered wood. These doors have many pros and cons, and we will discuss some of them in this blog.


Thermofoil cabinet doors are easy to care and maintain. You can easily remove the stains, even the stubborn grease stains just by wiping them or cleaning them with a mild all-purpose cleaner. Moreover, the doors do not require any kind of protective coatings like wood coatings. Additionally, thermofoil cabinet doors are safe from chips and cracks till laminate coating is intact.


There is no shortage of colors and designs. You get a wide array of colors and patterns. So, you can easily get the doors in colors and designs that can embellish the appeal of your property.

Moisture Resistant

Thermofoil cabinet doors are not fully waterproof, but they are very much more resistant to moisture than wood and MDF.

Heat Resistance

You have to protect yourthermofoil cabinet doors from heat because they are prone to being damaged by heat. So, if you are installing these kitchen cabinet doors, you should keep heated items at some distance from the cabinet doors. You can make them heat resistant by adding heat resistant metal strips to the door.


Thermofoil kitchen cabinet doors are heavier so they’re not easy to install. You need the right type of hinges and screws for the installation process. It is recommended that you do not install it yourself, but hire professional assistance. It is a good idea to have any door installed with a professional because a little mistake can cause unnecessary investment.

So, if you look at the pros and cons, you will come to realize that the cons are not much that you should avoid these doors. If the doors are vulnerable to heat, there is a solution for it. If the doors are heavy, you can get them installed by professional.