Ideas to Clean Your Kitchen Doors

Your kitchen doors are looking dirty, so you are looking for ideas on how to clean your kitchen doors? This blog will provide you with ideas regarding cleaning wood kitchen doors, acrylic kitchen doors, laminate doors, and high-gloss and ultra-gloss doors.

How to Clean Your Wood Kitchen Doors?

Wood doors are mostly finished with varnish, lacquer, or a similar finishing product to protect them from moisture because moisture can damage the door. Before cleaning your kitchen door it is important to know if the doors are polished or not.

If your wood doors are polished with a moisture protective product, then you can clean the door with traditional soapy water. However, you should use dishwashing liquid instead of detergent powder. First make a solution of dishwashing liquid and water, taking them in proportion of 3 and 10. Shake the solution well and then place the cloth in that solution. Now rub the door properly. This will remove the dirt, debris, and grease from the door.

If your wood doors are not polished with moisture-resistant product, then you should go for quality wood cleaning products only. You can easily find wood cleaning products in the supermarket.

How to Clean Acrylic Kitchen Doors?

You should pour some drops of mild dishwashing liquid in a small bucket and then fill up the bucket with water. Stir the water with a stick so that the dishwashing liquid mixes the water. Now, wet the cloth piece in the solution and clean the door gently with it. When cleaning acrylic kitchen doors, you should not use organic and oil-based solvents. You can use specific acrylic cleaning products.

How to Clean Laminate Doors?

Cleaning laminate doors is not difficult. You can do it with everyday household products such asdiluted white vinegar or all-purpose cleaner. Wash the door properly with either of the products and then dry it with a towel. If you notice stains on your doors which don’t go with your cleaning, then you can use baking soda and water mixture for it. Make a paste of baking soda and water and then apply the paste on the stain for two three minutes and then gently clean it.

High-gloss & Ultra-gloss Doors

Cleaning high-gloss & ultra-gloss doors is quite easy. You can wash the detergent with soapy water and then dry the door with a clean soft towel. That is sufficient.