How to Pick the Right Bathroom Door

If you are considering replacing the current door of your bathroom with a new door and looking for a new door option, then this blog was written with you in mind. The blog will provide you with ideas that can help you in choosing the right door for your bathroom.

Decide the Material First

There are various material options available. For example, acrylic, PVC, metal, and wood which all have their pros and cons. We suggest you not choose  randomly, instead do self-study about their pros and cons once you have their details, then you should make your material choice.

Decide the Swing of the Door

Deciding the swing of the door should be your next priority. You should not decide the swing without considering your bathroom. You should first understand the configurations of the bathroom which will help you to decide in which way the door will open without any interference. The bathroom door should not interfere with the cabinets, mirrors, or windows.

DecideWhat Should You Replace?

Now, you should decide if you should replace the door only or the frame as well. If you have to replace the existing frame along with the door, then you should select a pre-hung unit. If you want to replace the door only, then you can choose a regular door. However, it would be better to change the frame as well because that will increase the appeal of the bathroom.

Decide the Size of the Opening

When considering the size of the opening whether you purchase a door or pre-hung unit that should be 1/8 inch smaller than the opening in terms of the length and width.

Decide the Designs& Finish

Now, you should focus on the designs and finish. You will find a great variety in terms of designs and finish. For choosing the right design, you can use of the home decor magazine which can help you visualize make your ideas. Alternatively, you can ask the door manufacturers to show you the latest designs available.

Considering these ideas, you can pick the right door for your bathroom.

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