How Should You Clean Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

If you don’t clean your kitchen cabinets for many days and touch the cabinet doors and their knobs, you will find them greasy and sticky. That is an unpleasant experience for almost everyone. However, this is not something that you should become surprised or shocked about because every time you cook something in your kitchen, the cabinet doors are exposed to grease and smoke.

Now, the question is, how can you clean your greasy and sticky kitchen cabinet doors. The good news is cleaning kitchen cabinet doors is not difficult if you have the right supplies. You can go for commercial degreasers for kitchens which are easily available on the market. Commercial degreasers should be used as per its instructions. If you have any confusion, then you can call to their customer helpline number to inquire how you can use them to clean the kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinet doors.

However,another option to remove the stickiness and grease from the kitchen cabinets without commercial degreaseris every day materials from your kitchen. For example, dish washing liquid, white vinegar, rag, towel, warm water,bucket, and screwdriver. To clean cabinets doorsdampen the rag with white vinegar and then rub the door gently with it. Now, rinse the rag with warm water and then clean the cabinet door again with it.Wipe the doors with dry towel properly then take  two spoons of dish washing liquid in the bucket and then add some warm water to it. Now, unscrew the hardware properly and soak them in the solution in the bucket and  rub them properly to remove the grease and stickiness. Then put them out in the sun to dry.  Once they are dry, screw them properly. This way, you can clean your kitchen cabinet doors in an eco-friendly way.

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