Five Types of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The cabinet doors are the most visible thing in your kitchen and they define its style. So, when it comes to choosing kitchen cabinet doors for your kitchen, you need to make your choice carefully. You should select the best option in your budget, which can elevate the appearance and mood of your kitchen.

To help you in your search to make the right choice, we are going to describe five types of kitchen cabinet doors. These can give a great appeal to your kitchen.

Let Us Get Started:

#1. Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Thermofoil kitchen cabinet doors, coveredwith a durable, plastic-like coating and heat-baked on,are moulded out of medium density fibreboard. Thermofoil cabinet doors are a cost-effective choice that can serve you for many years. These doors come only in solid colours and look fantastic.

#2. Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Acrylic kitchen cabinet doors look amazing. They add a great appeal to your kitchen with their glossy appearance. Another great thing about these doors is they are resistant to UV rays and moisture, so you can use them for open kitchens as well. Plus, they are scratch resistant.

#3. Laminate kitchen Cabinet Doors

Laminate cabinet doors look great. You get a great variety of colours and patterns in laminate. These doors are easy to clean. You can clean them with a soft, damp cloth. They are not vulnerable to humidity and temperature. These doors are resistant to fading and last for a long time.

#4. Wood Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Wood kitchen cabinet doors will add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. Wood kitchen cabinet doors are available in a great variety of styles. You can talk to a cabinet door manufacturer regarding the best wood options available from them and make your choice.

#5. PVC Kitchen Cabinet Doors

PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride. PVC kitchen cabinet doors have many advantages. These doors are durable, termite proof and waterproof, and fire retardant. These are available in plenty of colours and designs and are very economical as well. They are lightweight and look awesome.

If you want detailed information about these kitchen cabinet doors and want to make a smart selection, then contact us.